Create supreme quality men’s grooming and accessories.

Refining Gentlemen, is what we do.


Superior Quality, to nurture the men’s community.

To take a quantum leap forward providing our men’s community with the highest all natural and organic ingredients to nurture their cosmetic needs and provide comfort growing or shaving their beards, as well as retailing unique accessories for men.



Beards are lovely, beards are manly, and they look great – but your beard can become a natural trap for dirt and bacteria of all kinds, so if you decide to grow your beard then you owe it to everyone you hope to get close to and especially yourself to keep that beard well groomed. At Abe & Jar we have designed exceptional products that help improve beards and skin, healthy and ready to show off, along with some grooming tools needed.

It is all about looking good and Abe & Jar has got you covered!

The Abe & Jar Story

The Abe & Jar story is simple!

A few passion driven men came together with one aim – to ensure that grooming products of the highest quality are offered to all men around the globe.

Abe & Jar has brought perfection to the three main elements needed by every man: Beard Oil, Mustache Wax and Beard Balms; along with the grooming tools needed.

We have developed a range of distinctive fragrances that will make those around you definitely, stop ‘n take notice!  With a resurgence of beards across the world also comes the responsibility of having great facial hair to match.

After so long in the wilderness, there are still precious few resources for men with beards, mustaches and sideburns to turn to when it comes to maintaining and grooming their whiskers.

Even with many males, young and old out there, whom are constantly harnessing their natural looks with pride, you don’t have to look far to notice someone who needs a trim, who should be using beard oil, or probably someone who has chosen the wrong style to match his face.

We owe it to every “Man” – as a great and noble being – to get things right as related to this manly pursuit.

Without a doubt, carrying our awesome products with you will certainly boost confidence, build stronger character and may likely cause traffic accidents by passersby!  Our highest aim is to serve and meet all your needs.


 Abe & Jar

Men’s Grooming and Accessories Bar 

The Abe & Jar Team

United Arab Emirates
Contact Number : + 971 56.755.2425
Email :

United States of America
Contact Number : + 1 813.421.2331

Ayman El-Jabali

Chief Executive officer/Chairman

Ayman El-Jabali is a beard enthusiast with over 22 years of experience leading different companies.  He has a diverse and unique skillset, enabling him to run operations, develop business and handle all phases and management of projects.

He has a dual degree from the University of South Florida USA, with American and international experience.  As a founder of the Abe & Jar range he is a key element in designing exceptional products that help improve beards and skin, healthy and ready to show off.

Dimitrios Christodoulakis

Chief Operating Officer

Dimitrios Christodoulakis is a Civil Engineer with an MBA who has a variety of experience operating different companies with over 20 years’ experience.

Dimitrios is a University of South Florida; USA Graduate with extensive experience in both the American and International Markets. He is a key member of the improvements and Growth of Abe & Jar.


Chief Marketing Officer

Wael is a Web Engineer with a Master in MIS who has over 16 years extensive experience in marketing.

Wael  is a key member of developing the marketing including the website and digital marketing strategy that improves the growth of Abe & Jar.

Yaser Nassim

Chief Financial Officer

Yaser Nasim obtained his CPA license from the state of Florida in 2007 and holds both a bachelor and a masters in Accounting Information Systems from the University of South Florida.  Yaser started his career working for a CPA firm based out of Florida, providing audit and other assurance services.  In 2008 he relocated to the UAE where he worked with both Deloitte and KPMG, providing Financial Advisory Services for Mergers and Acquisitions projects.  During this stint Yaser has worked on multiple buy-side, sell-side, restructuring and IPO assignments for deals ranging in value from $50 Million to $3 Billion in size.

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