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Beard Oil - Beardology

Beards are lovely, beards are manly – and they look great, but your beard can become a natural trap for dirt and bacteria of all kinds … read more


How to Grow a Beard?

Many men look for opportunities to swank their long luxurious beards or facial hair, it’s the Fab these days. This trend is that sexy and desirable manly look … read more


How to Take Care of Your Skin?

There are lots of rigorous stimulations our skins encounter, even as men.  The first thing you need to do is be on the lookout for those products … read more


How To Remove Beard Curls?

Facial hairs are flat compared to that of the head, which is cylindrical, therefore facial hairs tend to curl … read more


Stopping Beard Itching – 2 Easy and Practical Steps

Relentless itching is one of the major reasons why most men don’t grow that lavish beard … read more


How to Remove and Prevent Beard Split Ends?

During growing your beard, you eventually might run into the situation where your facial hair splits out into two or possibly even more … read more


5 Steps For Growing Thick Beards

Although growing a beard is a symbol of power, there are lots of cultures and religions which encourage, as well as require, growing the beard or mustache or even both … read more


How To Trim and Shape Your Beard?

When it comes to having your beard trimmed or shaped, patience is very important.  Patience is also important prior to starting the process, … read more


How to avoid a mess when Eating or Drinking with your Facial Hair (Beard/Mustache)

Sure your beard will provide that additional manly look, but how messy can it be after eating or drinking?  So, of utmost importance during the process … read more

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