When it comes to having your beard trimmed or shaped, patience is very important.

As some hair grows faster than others you would want to give all the hairs the chance to spread out naturally and evenly.  In the event that you cut into your beard before the slow growing hair catch up, you’ll end up with uneven areas as it gets a little longer.

If you want to grow a long beard, then patience becomes more significant, since a mistake trying to trim or shape your beard early on will force you to almost start the process over, therefore a month of lost growth with the possibility of the agony of itchiness.

Patience is also important prior to starting the process, as it is important to wait the minimum four-week beard rule.

Regular shaping and trimming delivers that look you’re aiming for, so the tools you need are:

Beard Oil

Beard oil is one essential tool for trimming and shaping a beard or mustache, especially that of high quality such as the Abe and Jars Beard Oils or Balms. Beard Oils and Balms keeps your beard delicate, soft and healthy while avoiding hair damage.

Beard Scissors

There is a difference between regular scissors, nail scissors and that for facial hair.  A good pair of beard and mustache trimming scissors is what you will need for the process; because they allow for those special hand movements required.  Never use anyting other than facial hair scissors for your beard or mustache!  This is because trimming of the facial hair is sensitive and precise and, when the edges get damaged from the use on different surfaces, this will cause beard split ends and damaged hair tips.

Beard Combs

Scissors are easier to work with alongside a well-made beard comb.  A comb will control the amount of hair to be cut as far as length is concerned, and act as a barrier to reduce actual facial cuts.

An additional beard comb benefit is that it actually spreads the oils and balms evenly and fully into the beard or mustache.  It is important that you use a high-quality beard comb to avoid split ends.

Check out the high quality, hand-made beard and mustache combs at Abe & Jar.

Beard Brush

Once you’re done trimming, oiling and combing it’s good practice to brush that lovey beard.  Not only will it further even out the distribution of beard oils and balms, it can assist in removing the excess trimmed hairs and act as a facial massage tool.  Abe & Jar have a handmade Beard Brush with Horse Bristles that provides the best results.

The natural bristles are textured, enabling the removal of residue and abundance of hair products from the beard, and will aid natural oil formation.

Beard Trimmer

Electric beard trimmers come with different sized attachments.  These attachments can help with a quick fix of the uneven areas and the ease of edging those chest or neck lines.

How to Trim Your Beard

The three fundamental areas required in proper beard trimming are:

  • Neckline
  • The cheek line
  • Total evening out

Trimming Your Beard (Defined Neckline)

Defining the neckline ranks at the top and will reflect the attractive beard look.  The do’s & dont’s of a good neckline include:

  • Do make use of your face’s natural contours.  These contours help identify where to trim to.
  • Do not trim further than you need, as a high neckline will weaken that full beard look and may cause an awkward or tacky representation.

For ease of use get a colored pencil, preferably white, and use it to draw a line from the back of your sideburns (Point A) around the bottom of the jaw where the hairs tend to stop growing (Point C) and crossing over to the back of the other side of your side burns (Point B).  This curve defines what is known as the neckline.  As mentioned earlier, going higher will weaken that full beard look.

The Importance of Your Cheek Line

When it comes to cheek lines there are two different philosophies:

  • Either have the natural look; whereby you avoid trimming or edging the cheek line, or
  • Trim to your desire and the look that best suits you

So, it does not have that visual impact that a neckline will have if you over trim.  However, be careful with how far you go to avoid losing what you spent growing.

Let’s say you have a ragged or uneven cheek line, then finding the proper height to get it straight is quite simple.  Imagine a straight line from the mustache to the sideburns, and shave there.  That line should look neat and natural.

Continuously pick facial points that will enable you to get a balanced look between your face’s sides.

Trimming Your Entire Beard

If you plan on trimming your beard yourself verses visiting your barber, a good trimmer with several attachments of different sizes becomes a necessity.

Unless you possess those unique skills and maneuvering movements, the clipper is the way to go.   A wrong snip can ruin the look and almost start the beard growing process over.

Also, with clippers you do not want to cut too short, so to avoid such a situation, make use of the longest attachment in the clipper set.  Progressively move down until the point where you can hear the clipper blades start cutting, this is the point where the hairs are starting to be trimmed.

Evaluate the length and stop there if you’re just trying to even that beard out.  If you want a further reduction in the entire length of the beard, keep reducing the attachments to the size you desire.  Do not jump sizes as this is where the majority of mistakes come from!

Beard Oils

 Beard Oil helps with beard growth.  It is packed with an incredible ton of benefits.

A few things you will enjoy by applying our beard oil dutifully to your facial hair includes the simplicity of styling your beard.

It will have a shinier, smoother and fuller look, as well as a scent (if you choose to have the scented oils).

Not just that alone, but keeping the beard nourished through the use of high quality Abe & Jar beard oils will give your beard all of the resources needed to grow much faster.


Choosing your Beard Oil

Abe & Jar offers a range of four (4) 100% Natural, 100% Organic special formula beard oils which come in different fragrances, packaged in a vintage-inspired bottle, which are guaranteed to leave you refreshed and not weighed down or greasy, without the irritation.

The Abe & Jar fragrances are masculine and yet very light and subtle, not overpowering and pungent.

Marine Oud Beard Oil

A rich, aromatic oil infused with Oud Wood, Beech Wood & hints of spice.  It is a specially engineered, 100% Natural and 100% Organic formula that treats your beard and moisturizes your skin, adding comfort with a stunning fragrance.  The oil enhances hair growth and gets rid of itchiness, while adding a subtle shine.

Ocean Calm Beard Oil

A blend of Cedar Fir, Cinnamon and Beech Wood, this 100% Natural and 100% Organic formula treats your beard and moisturizes your skin, while adding comfort with a stunning fragrance.  The oil enhances hair growth and gets rid of the itchiness, while adding a subtle shine.

Blue Tropica Beard Oil

A blend of Tropical Essence infused with Citrus and mixed with Cedar Wood, this sensual relaxation bottle of pleasure is 100% Natural and 100% Organic.  The oil treats your beard, moisturizes your skin and adds comfort with a stunning fragrance.  It enhances hair growth and gets rid of the itchiness while adding a subtle shine.

Origins Beard Oil

Going back in time when the earth provided us the essentials, the Abe & Jar Origins beard oil is a mixture of Myrrh, Wood and Cologne.  This rich oil, for the discerning gentleman, is 100% Natural and 100% Organic and treats your beard, moisturizes your skin and adds comfort with a stunning fragrance.  It enhances hair growth and gets rid of the itchiness while adding a subtle shine.

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