How to avoid a mess when Eating or Drinking with your Facial Hair (Beard/Mustache)?

Sure your beard will provide that additional manly look, but how messy can it be after eating or drinking?  Of the utmost importance during the process is to keep your facial hair clean.

Dairy products, for example cottage cheese, yogurt, and milk usually will tend to get gunky and deposit onto your beard.  This is when you have to take caution and ensure you properly wipe it off.

The task of keeping your beard and mustache tidy during the event of consuming food or liquids might be difficult, but here are the best techniques to maintain that lovely facial hair and  hygienic look and feel.


The Tools



  • Straws: They become facial hairs best friend.  They permit the transfer of fluids (be careful of the hot ones!) without the mess.
  • Thermos/Cup lids/Coffee lids: They have smaller openings that narrow down the drippage all over the beard or mustache.
  • Mustache Guard: A special designed tool that is mainly used for drinking from mugs, cups or glasses, while obstructing the liquids from getting into the mustache and vice versa.  They are uniquely designed and pocket sized, so you can carry it on you.  This guard will act as a lid when that option is not available.
  • A Mustache Mug: If you enjoy your daily dose of coffee and would like to have a special coffee mug, you can actually buy a coffee mug with the built in mustache guard.


  • Handkerchief: A trend these days is using handkerchief for both fashion and as a cleansing tool to wipe that mess off you beard or mustache.
  • Teaspoon: Designed differently from table spoons, they are usually thinner and tend to be longer, to better facilitate the transfer of food with less of a mess.
  • Chopsticks: This tool gives ease to your eating because they enable you to get the ideal measure of food with the least spillage/droppage onto your facial hairs, especially beards.
  • Knife/Fork: Like the chopsticks, the smaller the portions, the less mess or droppage into your facial hair.  Alternatively the benefit of using a fork and knife is to cut the foods into smaller portions to consume in a tidy manner.

Rules and Techniques

We all want and need to drink/eat, but as bearded gentleman our goal is to do so with the least mess.



Long bearded gentlemen shall hold their beards back when they eat.

Keep that damp handkerchief or napkins handy to wipe spills immediately.

Cut your food into small portions when you can.

Use a teaspoon rather than a tablespoon for liquid foods, and when that spoon is in your mouth, turn it upside down before you take it out. This stops the teaspoon from scratching against your mustache hair as it comes out.



A great tip is to learn to eat with a horizontal opening similar to when you pronounce the “E”; verses the normal vertical opening you are used to.  If you accidentally bite on your mustache hairs while eating, we recommend to use your fingers and move those curtains out of the way.

When it comes to food with sticky finishes, especially garlic breads or buttery bread, just flip the food, because if it gets on the small patch of hair on your lower lip, it would be easier to whip away.

Cut foods like sandwiches into small bites since this will be easier to transfer, with the least droppage and friction with any facial hair.

Bon Appetite!

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