Many men look for opportunities to swank their long luxurious beards or facial hair – it’s the Fab these days.  The trend is that “sexy and desirable” manly look.

If you’re looking to follow such trend and want your beard to co-operate, then here are some simple steps to take and know about.

Growing a mustache or a full beard does take some perseverance and patience, it’s frustrating waiting for almost forever to barely see some progress.

Smiling Beard Man

Those that are searching for ways to grow longer and thicker beards would probably just love to drink that magic potion that will make their beard grow longer and longer every day.  Unfortunately this is not the case, and the growth is dependent on individual testosterone and most importantly genetics.

It’s best we start by discussing what makes natural facial hair grow.

Facial Hair Genetics

Let’s say you were not lucky to have those hairy genes; especially when you realize that your hair doesn’t develop as attractive and full as you had always dreamed – or perhaps it does, yet it takes so long to get there.

Keep in mind that “slow & steady” will win the race at the end, isn’t that so?  So, whether that is the case or not, it does not hurt to help boost your facial hair growth.

Know this, as an individual you have hair follicles everywhere on your body, not excluding – obviously – your face.  However, the facial hair follicles are lastly triggered to grow, and they determine how fast you get your beard and/or mustache.

If your Dad grows this luxurious beard, then most likely you will too and vice versa.

Fortunately there are few ways to maintain and grow an impressive and attractive beard or mustache, even if it is not strongly encoded in your DNA.  Additional steps as well as commitment will be required as it might just be a bit more difficult with weaker genes.

Give Your Beard that Rich Full Body

The good news is there are a few things you could do that’ll help the facial hair develop by giving it a push.  Here are a few of the alternatives to do so.

Beard Oils

 Beard Oil helps with beard growth.  It is packed with an incredible ton of benefits.

A few things you will enjoy by applying our beard oil dutifully to your facial hair includes the simplicity of styling your beard.

It will have a shinier, smoother and fuller look, as well as a scent (if you choose to have the scented oils).

Not just that alone, but keeping the beard nourished through the use of high quality Abe & Jar beard oils will give your beard all of the resources needed to grow much faster.


Give Your Diet Attention!

Facial hair, just like any physical appearance, has a direct relation to the health of the body.  Eating properly helps the growth of your beard too!  Folic acid is a major ingredient for successful and healthy hair growth.  This helpful supplement promotes growth of thicker hair.

Meals full of protein such as fish, beans and eggs should be part of your regular food consumption.

Apart from having to eat well for your beard to grow faster, you need to supplement your body with the right vitamins and minerals.  Talk to a physician about adding Biotin, no less than 2 mg daily.  Biotin is usually available in vitamin stores as well as health and food supermarkets.  Biotin helps increase the development of nails and facial hair.

Biotin is found in liver, oysters, fish, cauliflower, carrots, beans, bananas, egg yolk, soy flour and more.  Fruits and vegetables should be part of your eating routine, as both are rich sources of vitamins and minerals the hair relies on and needs to develop rapidly.


Without the appropriate nutrients, the body starts to decrease hair production.

Look into adding or increasing your day to day intake of beta-carotene, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin E, nettle, and flax seed oil.  We recommend the use of a good Multivitamin.

Please be careful while using these supplements, it is not ideal to take more than the required dose.  Extra dosages do not mean an additional hair growth, the proper balance is needed.

Talk with your physician, so as to create a safe and balanced supplement routine for you.

Show Some Tender Love & Care (TLC) to your Beard

Finally, do give that facial hair you’ve got some love.

Groom it and watch over it to promote healthy hair growth.  This will ultimately get that beard style and look that you covet!  Keep in mind, it is important that you do not touch your beard the first 4 weeks of its growth.

Choosing your Beard Oil

Abe & Jar offers a range of four (4) 100% Natural, 100% Organic special formula beard oils which come in different fragrances, packaged in a vintage-inspired bottle, which are guaranteed to leave you refreshed and not weighed down or greasy, without the irritation.

The Abe & Jar fragrances are masculine and yet very light and subtle, not overpowering and pungent.

Marine Oud Beard Oil

A rich, aromatic oil infused with Oud Wood, Beech Wood & hints of spice.  It is a specially engineered, 100% Natural and 100% Organic formula that treats your beard and moisturizes your skin, adding comfort with a stunning fragrance.  The oil enhances hair growth and gets rid of itchiness, while adding a subtle shine.

Ocean Calm Beard Oil

A blend of Cedar Fir, Cinnamon and Beech Wood, this 100% Natural and 100% Organic formula treats your beard and moisturizes your skin, while adding comfort with a stunning fragrance.  The oil enhances hair growth and gets rid of the itchiness, while adding a subtle shine.

Blue Tropica Beard Oil

A blend of Tropical Essence infused with Citrus and mixed with Cedar Wood, this sensual relaxation bottle of pleasure is 100% Natural and 100% Organic.  The oil treats your beard, moisturizes your skin and adds comfort with a stunning fragrance.  It enhances hair growth and gets rid of the itchiness while adding a subtle shine.

Origins Beard Oil

Going back in time when the earth provided us the essentials, the Abe & Jar Origins beard oil is a mixture of Myrrh, Wood and Cologne.  This rich oil, for the discerning gentleman, is 100% Natural and 100% Organic and treats your beard, moisturizes your skin and adds comfort with a stunning fragrance.  It enhances hair growth and gets rid of the itchiness while adding a subtle shine.

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